When you ask Laurie Gordon what she does for a living, she often responds “ I create nests for people”.


Over the past 28 years, Laurie has been directly responsible for leading and managing the development of approximately 8000 homes within Southern Ontario, Alberta and the Caribbean. Leadership roles have included Vice President of Land Development for Dalerose Homes and Arvida Development Corporation, Co-founder and President of Berkshire Homes, and President of Jayman Modus. Under her leadership initiatives Berkshire Homes was recognized as Green Builder of Year by the Building and Land Industry, and Jayman Modus was recognized as Multi Family of Year Award in Edmonton, Product Awards, and J.D. Power Builder of Excellence in Alberta.


Laurie was also one the founding shareholders in Berkshire Axis, a boutique company offering various entrepreneurial and international business services, global networking, and venture capital for firms in ecommerce, technology, and real estate.


TOS Corporation is a private real estate development, investment and consulting company. TOS Corporation focuses on exclusive business development relationships with land owners, developers, builders, and investors who require real estate leadership and expertise to achieve various business objectives. Laurie’s range of professional experience includes all aspects of real estate management: strategic business plans; acquisitions; strategic partnerships; financing and reporting; project vision and design; development approvals; sales and marketing; project management and construction; customer service; team building; public relations; and corporate branding.


Laurie has served as a Board of Director and volunteered in various strategic roles for the Building and Land Development Industry for 10 years.


Laurie has a Degree in Urban and Regional Planning from Ryerson University and graduate work in Environmental Studies from York University in Toronto.



Laurie Gordon